Gameplay & Controls

FLIPAGON® is a hexa-hexa flexagon puzzle game. Six images within the folds of a six-sided flexagon make up the core of the game. By manipulating the flexagon accordingly, each of the six images can be unscrambled.

A mathematical sequence of pinches, turns and flips gives players the optimum chance to decode the puzzle game in the shortest amount of moves and time. The trick is figuring out the sequence - and remembering it across each of the six images.

Fun, frustration and discovery of the next unscrambled image await within the magic of FLIPAGON puzzles' hexa-hexa flexagon arrangement.


The most integral move in the game is the PINCH movement. Pinching the puzzle among three to six of the available axises allows the player to manipulate the FLIPAGON® puzzle to the next image.

However, while PINCHING one of the correct axis allows the player to progress, Jamming the game along one of the unavailable axis can cause the player to lose precious time.

Players can pinch the puzzle by touching two separate (but connected) puzzle piece triangles within the hexagon shape and perform a simple pinching motion on the touchscreen.


As an alternative to the PINCH, FLIPAGON allows you to PUSH the pieces instead. A PUSH movement accomplishes the same as the PINCH but allows the player to perform the motion with only a single finger touch.

If a player tires of making the PINCH motion, simply hold the touch along the axis you wish to manipulate. Upon release, the puzzle will perform the same manipulation as the PINCH, PUSHING the puzzle to the next face.

Which is faster? Which is more fun? These questions are up to each player, and their preference, but FLIPAGON allows for the opportunity to try both.


Though it is used less frequently than the pinch (that's a clue!) the FLIP is just as important and necessary a move for players hoping to achieve their fastest times play through. You can't have a FLIPAGON puzzle without a FLIP.

Players can FLIP the flexagon by simply tapping once on any face of the game. A touch will cause the puzzle to FLIP along the axis at the center of the triangle puzzle piece section.


After all the pinching and flipping, the images may not be right side up, or in the case of the multi-FLIPAGON puzzles, the images may not even be in the right arrangement.

The rotate command allows the player to turn those images around to make sure that what's supposed to be up is up and what's supposed to be down is down.

To rotate the FLIPAGON, the player simply needs to touch the edge of the flexagon puzzle piece and use a circular motion on the touch screen.

Additional Controls


The FLIPAGON puzzle is a fun little game to enjoy, but it would prove very frustrating if you couldn't zoom in to work with each piece.

To ZOOM in on a specific FLIPAGON puzzle piece the player simply needs to tap twice in the piece. Tapping twice again zooms back out.


(4 and 7 piece puzzles)

When you've graduated up to the more challenging puzzles, the fun increases. Not only do you need to unscramble each face of the FLIPAGON puzzle, but you also have to rearrange the pieces to form the picture.

REARRANGING pieces is a simple task. Simply hold on the piece you wish to move and drag it to the spot you want it placed. The piece that is already in that spot will automatically change positions with the piece you've moved.


More than simply unscrambling the images, FLIPAGON adds a competitive angle to the game.

Now you can compete against yourself, friends or even players all over the world (thanks to GameCenter integration).

FLIPAGON tracks the time it will take you to solve the 6 faces of the puzzle, and will use this time to create your overall score. More than that, FLIPAGON also tracks the number of moves it takes to completion. Precious seconds, and an optimal sequence of moves can be the difference between a high score and an average one.

See if you can beat your own fastest time to completion, and discover your own optimal sequence to decode the puzzle. Match your times up against the best through GameCenter integration, as you strive to discover the key sequence of moves that lets you solve the flexagon puzzle game in the shortest time possible.